ChemITC® understands that as a chemical industry information technology (IT) or manufacturing executive, there are a variety of demands on your time.  Yet, you are also most significantly impacted as technology advances continue to influence your company's processes and operations.  ChemITC encourages you to join us, because who better to help you articulate and address these unique IT and manufacturing needs than other people like you that face these issues everyday.

Your company benefits in a number of ways from ChemITC participation.

  • Leverage the diverse experiences and background of industry leaders like yourself to address common manufacturing control and IT issues you would otherwise face separately.
  • Promote executive management attention to IT and manufacturing control system issues.
  • Be an advocate in important IT legislative matters that influence our industry priorities and the future direction of IT in the chemical sector.
  • Align your priorities with those of chemical company CEOs, industry organizations, government entities and chemical industry information technology providers.
  • Access resources and experience in federal and state advocacy efforts that come with being affiliated with the American Chemistry Council (ACC).
  • Use our single voice of the industry to advance IT solutions that help enable companies to produce and deliver products and services more safely, securely and efficiently.
  • Work with industry organizations, technology service providers and others to advance the use of technology in the industry.
  • Enhance your company's business operations.

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