The processes and tools supporting a company’s generation, storage, and analysis of Business Intelligence (BI) data are key strategic areas for information technology (IT). The BI Technology Networking Group was created to help chemical company IT professionals charged with overseeing their company's BI technologies stay on top of the latest tools and trends. The group does not exchange proprietary or confidential business information, but rather provides a forum where lessons learned on BI technologies can be shared and discussed.

The group gathers via conference call once every two months to share knowledge of BI technology and processes, and further understand how industry counterparts are using BI. Additionally, the BI Technology Networking Group provides a network for BI professionals to exchange information and periodically benchmark BI usage and capabilities in the chemical industry.

Networking meetings are organized to discuss a variety of topics of specific interest to the group, including:

  • Back-end technical view 
  • Front-end "internal users" facing view 
  • Governance 
  • Support related to users, technical tools, and educational data resources
Participants in the BI Technology Networking Group will experience a number of benefits and accelerate their learning curve through the identification of trends, capabilities and approaches in BI technologies, as well as tackling issues and challenges facing the chemical industry.

The outcomes of discussions are summarized and reported to the CIO Roundtable.


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