ChemITC® Organization

There are many individuals and groups within ChemITC, working to ensure the organization is operating smoothly and fulfilling its role as a forum to address common information management issues in the chemical industry.

The ChemITC organization supports the broadest range of company participation while still enabling the formation of smaller groups and strategic programs to address issues of specific interest to member companies.

CIO Executive Board

The organization's vision is governed by the Executive Board. ChemITC is led by a ten-member executive board comprised of chemical company chief information officers (CIOs). The elected leaders from charter member companies drive the strategic direction of ChemITC, setting priorities and goals for the organization. 

Standing Committees

ChemITC standing committees are designed to help the Executive Board carry out its responsibilities.  There are two active standing committees that have been established to support ChemITC operations:

  • Governance and Finance Committee – Creates and executes rules for governing ChemITC, manages membership activities and provides oversight for financial operations.
  • Program Committee – Helps ensure a rich program that meets the needs of the membership, including coordinating the ChemITC Annual Conference and other regular meetings of the general ChemITC membership.

Strategic Programs

Because each chemical company uses information technology in varied degrees, processes and applications, chemical companies may not all have the same priorities and needs. ChemITC addresses specific technology issues of member interest through its strategic programs.

Currently, ChemITC has two strategic programs: