Every day, information technology product and service providers release new, innovative solutions aimed at improving the way today’s corporations operate. Teams also work to enhance existing offerings and deliver business value in today’s marketplace. And chemical company IT professionals like you are charged with determining which solutions and approaches are right for their own business environments and implementing those in a timely, cost-effective manner.

One of the greatest benefits of participating in an organization like ChemITC® lies in the opportunity to network with chemical industry peers who are implementing solutions and addressing issues much like your own. ChemITC has created a number of industry networking groups which provide a venue for members to network on topics of common interest.  By joining one of these groups, chemical company members have the opportunity to share knowledge and expertise related to specific technological issues and establish useful contacts with individuals from other companies.

Each industry networking group hosts a variety of virtual and face-to-face meetings to discuss opportunities related to technologies widely deployed in the chemical sector. Although each group has its own objectives, all ChemITC industry networking groups share three common goals – to identify industry trends, increase awareness of common issues and accelerate the learning curve for the industry’s IT professionals.

To learn more about ChemITC’s existing industry networking groups, please select the appropriate link below. 

Connect with the Industry Networking Groups

If you would like more information or are interested in joining one of ChemITC’s industry networking groups, please contact Manager of ChemITC William Gulledge.


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