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Panel: Bill Gulledge
Media: Tom Flanagin

Directly related to our food, water supply, clothing, shelter, health care, transportation and nearly every other facet of modern life, the business of chemistry is an integral part of society’s security, well-being and economic health.

The chemical sector employs a variety of technology solutions in every aspect of delivering products and services – from engineering new scientific and chemical developments, managing inventory and executing processes throughout the supply chain to securing both business and manufacturing control systems. And, as technology continues to advance, so will the chemical industry’s use of information technology (IT) to improve the speed and efficiency of conducting business.

Established in March 2005, ChemITC is a forum for companies in and associated with the American Chemistry Council (ACC) to address common IT issues that impact the ability of chemical companies to safely, securely and effectively deliver products and services essential to society.


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