Featured Presenter
Eric Cosman, The Dow Chemical Company
Cyber Security Program Steering Team
Co-Chair, ISA-99 Committee

Members of the Cyber Security Program Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) Working Group have been participating in a DHS-sponsored initiative to create a Roadmap to Secure Control Systems in the Chemical Sector since the fall of 2008. Similar to roadmaps already developed for the energy and water sectors, the chemical sector roadmap provides a starting point and template for action as the chemical industry and federal government work together to enhance the security of industrial automation and control systems.

One of the Cyber Security Program’s most active members in the IACS area, Eric Cosman from The Dow Chemical Company walks participants through the draft roadmap during this informative webinar. Outlining the roadmap’s objectives, purpose and scope and then providing more details into its vision, five goals and multitude of milestones and priorities, Eric delivers an overview of the strategic framework created to help focus efforts on improving IACS security over the next 10 years. He also describes next steps that chemical company control systems experts can take to provide feedback for consideration to the Chemical Sector Roadmap Working Group.


  • The industrial control systems landscape today and its need for ongoing attention from a security perspective
  • The vision for more secured industrial control systems in the chemical sector and the roadmap goals that will help the industry move toward that goal
  • Examples of milestones and priorities outlined in the roadmap and the plan for implementation
  • Opportunities for control system security professionals from your company to provide feedback for consideration to the roadmap working group


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